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Your Metal Roofing Options

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Metal roofing installation has a number of advantages when compared to many other traditional roofing options. Think about important features such as durability, it is the best roofing option for any discerning homeowner.  

Denton roofing contractors offer three types of metal roofing options for homeowners to choose from. Every one of them has its own design pattern as well as installation styles.

Corrugated metal roof: This is a form of metal roofing installation that employs panels of corrugated metal. Even though this system does not typically appear in many residential settings, there have been a number of innovations that have caused manufacturers to produce panels that have a more pleasant visual appeal and they are therefore suitable for any urban building code. In the past these panels were made using galvanized steel but there are several other metals that are starting to receive favor.   Image result for Your Metal Roofing Options

Standing seam panel: This is a metal roofing installation system that employs flat sheets of metal such as stainless steel, copper or aluminum and they are joined using a raised seam. The joints are thereafter locked together while the edges are folded back over to create what becomes a powerful watertight seal. The metal that is used is roll formed and cut into measurements according to the size of the roof. This is perhaps the oldest and most well-known form of metal roofing installation process that requires the skills that are only found with professional Denton roofing companies.   

Metal shingles: Metal shingles have been molded to resemble the typical asphalt shingles or many others made from other different materials. They can be made to look like ceramic shingles, slate, cedar, wood or composition shingles. This type of metal roofing installation sheets can also be painted or embossed to suit the design preferences of any homeowner.  

Advantages to metal roofs: One of the greatest advantages of metal roofing installation is the fact that it is a low maintenance roofing material that can last your entire lifetime. In fact most contractors have no qualms giving homeowners a lifetime guarantee. When it is properly installed, the only form of maintenance is the removal of debris. When most people hear the term metal roofing they imagine that it is a heavy substance; nothing could be further from the truth. Metal roofing is made using materials that are much lighter than many others roofing materials in the market, because of it slight weight, there are times when homeowners decide to lay it over the already existing roof instead of going through the process of removing the old roof.