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Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Second Hand Car

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Before you get a car from a dealer, it is important to establish as to whether they are certified or not. In Ottawa, the motor vehicle industry is crowded, and many dealers tend to use underhand methods to sell their cars. Dan Murphy Ford is the only trusted company for best car auto sales Ottawa. Before you buy a car, there are several things that you should confirm. Some of these things include but are not restricted to:

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Perform a leak test

If you buy a second-hand car, it is very crucial to perform a leak test. Leaking liquids or fluids are a direct indicator of faulty mechanisms that require immediate attention and repair. When purchasing a car, the driver is advised to drive on to a clean surface and let the car run for a few minutes. Then move the car and physically examine the area on which the car lay for any signs of leakage. If you notice some oil or petrol leakage, then that should be cause for alarm. If there be no leakage, then the car is good, and no alarm should be taken. If there is a green leakage, then the antifreeze could be leaking. A black leakage shows a leakage in brake fluid. This test can be done only at Dan Murphy Ford, a company known for best car auto sales Ottawa

Interior and exterior body examination

Before accepting any second-hand car, it is very important to examine the external and internal body of that particular car. Cars that have visible dents on the outer body usually tend to have problems that could be major or serious than cars that have a clean undented chassis.

Go for a test drive

Prior to making payment for a second-hand car, it is very important to take it for a test drive. The drive will not only show you how strong the car is or otherwise, but will also help you establish how badly any system of the car is damaged. It is only through a test drive that a driver can know how a car responds to different situations, for instance, sharp corners and gear shifts. The way a car runs albeit smooth or with strain can only be known through a test drive.

Let a mechanic examine the car.

Before you purchase a car, it is important to have a mechanic to have a look at it. A qualified mechanic can be able to establish whether a car may require a major repair a few months after purchase. If you buy a used car before having the expert opinion of a mechanic, very expensive repairs may lead to loses that would have been avoided if expert advice would have been sought.

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