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The right dosage of coffee bean extract

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Hundreds and thousands of people around the world drink coffee to keep themselves energized and to keep going through their day without feeling drained out. But there’s another less popular but very effective use of coffee as well, it can be used as a weight loss supplement. It has a chlorogenic agent in its beans, but is almost impossible to get the maximum amount that is present in the beans by consuming directly. Hence, many coffee bean extracts have come in to existence so that they can be taken as effective supplements along with diet to get maximum benefit from it.

Roasted coffee vs. Green coffee

The coffee which most people drink on daily basis is made from the roasted coffee beans, it does not contain the beans in its original form. It is mostly believed that in the process of roasting most the ingredient Chlorogenic acid which gives coffee beans its weight loss characteristics are reduced. Hence green bean supplements are much more effective than the normal coffee beans that people use on daily basis all over the world. Two main components of coffee are caffeine and chlorogenic acid. In the process of roasting when beans are turned from green to brown the component chlorogenic acid is almost destroyed and hence the normal coffee can’t be used as weight loss supplement.


Enhancement in metabolism

Coffee bean extract has very small amounts of caffeine and acts on the body by enhancing the rate of metabolism and which in turn leads to enhancement in the energy levels in the body. A person with high energy levels is set to work out more and will lose more weight as result. Active metabolism also results in loosing of fat from body as the person is less likely to immobile.

There aren’t many studies on effects of coffee beans in humans and nothing much can be said about their negative effects. But the users are recommended to be aware of the possible effects as most of them do complain of few side effects.

Period of usage

The usage of this extract should be restricted only 12 weeks; it should not be continued for a period more than that. And this extract has little or no effect on weight or burning of fat in users who have used it without changing the diet or following an exercise regimen. Most commonly noticed side effects have been an increase in the heart beat, increase in the anxiety levels, and lack of sleep.

It is recommended to go for consultation with a trusted physician before including this extract in the daily diet. The users should reveal their health history near the doctors so that they can decide if it would be proper to include this. Those people who are already under some other medication should also consult a physician in case they have some other diseases. But the main emphasis should always be laid on following a healthy diet and working out to lose fat. This should be used as catalyst to enhance the weight loss process instead depending on it totally.