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How Technology is Making Fireworks Safer

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Since this weekend has been a celebration for both neighbor countries, Canada and the United States, the removing complaints from Google team thought it would be appropriate to figure out how fireworks are becoming much better and safer than ever before. There are numerous ways that technology has been benefiting different industries and these include making everything safer to finding more efficient ways to use products and services.

Pixelburst Shells

These are composed of a microchip inside the fireworks that can program them to do just about anything that only requires a few pixels. You can have particular shapes like stars, squares, and even cowboy hats thanks to these.

Bluetooth Launches

New technology has been developed that will allow fireworks technicians to launch their payload via Bluetooth which eliminates the risk of losing a few fingers. There are nearly 12,000 people in the US who are injured every year due to fireworks.

Simulation Software

With simulation software like ShowSim and Finale Firerworks, technicians and engineers can plan out a show way ahead of time to guarantee that a finale will impress everyone there due to the beauty of technology.

Quality Mortars

Not all fireworks are putting on hi-tech shows since they would much rather have a safe show with essentials than nothing at all. Now there are higher quality mortars meaning that the tubes used to launch the explosions are no longer crappy cardboard ones that used to come in boxes. They are composed of a high-density fiber that can withstand even the most illegal explosions.


It is important to be responsible when you are around fireworks and not having a celebration end in the ER from doing something stupid. Don’t light any M80’s off in your hand or point any Roman Candles at your friends. Just be responsible and cautious when you around fireworks since technology can do most things but not everything.