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Shower Curtains: Cleaning Guide and Tips

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Unluckily, the hard water deposits build up on the shower curtains material and capture the soap scum. This mix of deposits, scum, mildew and general dirt is often noticed congregating at the bottom of the curtain. Nobody wants to set out that drab feeling while taking a bath or shower.

No one is going to feel comfortable enclosed in a dirty and messy shower curtains. Despite our attention to detail, shower curtains will get dirty because of the damp conditions inside the bathroom and the continued accumulation of soap scum. Here are a few ways of keeping shower curtains clean, so they look smashing:

The Pre-Cleaning Procedures

When the drape is quite dirty, pre-treatment is required to ensure that a single wash will effectively remove all the dirt. In cases where there is mildew or mild, the person cleaning them needs to be more cautious. It is a good idea wear proper masks, glasses, and gloves to prevent respiratory and other ailments.

Next, a quality bristle brush should be used to clean the mild from the curtain. After the mild is removed, the plastic shower curtains must be doused with some water and bleach. If the curtain is not made of plastic, white vinegar will give the best results.  

Cleaning Tips

For the best result, follow the tips below when cleaning bathroom curtains.

  • When bringing the shower curtains down, ensure that it is removed from the rings properly. Handling the curtain in a rough manner may lead to some tearing in the process.  
  • Baking soda or laundry detergent can be utilized to wash the curtains in a washing machine. It is best to use lukewarm water. While fabric and vinyl shower curtains are fine in washing machines, cheaper plastic curtains need to be washed by hand.  
  • If the curtains are made of cloth, one must adopt all the necessary washing instructions that are given for the material. Washing should be done very carefully so that no harm is caused to the material.
  • Make sure you don’t put the curtain in the drier. It may damage the is best to dry them in sun light.
  • While washing the plastic shower curtains, it is best to use a soapy mixture with vinegar. Choosing the right detergent for the plastic curtain should be done carefully.
  • To clean the mildew and dirt off form the curtain it is a good idea to use the lemon juice with hot soapy water as lemon is a bleaching agent it will keep the curtain clean. After washing put the curtain in direct sunlight to dry.
  • The soaking curtain in salt water is a great way to prevent it from mildew (make sure not to use too much salt as it can cause small crystals on your curtain).

Remember, curtains last longer with the proper condition if washed and taken care. Regular cleaning of the shower curtains will help in controlling the meadow and mold deposits. This will make them last longer and keep them pretty.