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Robotic Colorectal Surgery in Los Angeles

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Many modern colorectal surgeries can be performed with the assistance of robots, allowing a level of precision that guarantees the least invasive procedure possible. If you’re a candidate for colorectal surgery, be sure to talk to your surgeon about robotic options to see if they could reduce your recovery time and risk of complications.

Dr. Yosef Nasseri is perhaps the leading colorectal surgeon Los Angeles has to offer performing both robotic and traditional procedures that can treat a wide variety of conditions. Contact the Surgery Group of LA today to learn more about Dr. Nasseri’s services or to schedule a consultation.

When Should I Contact a Colorectal Surgeon?

Most often, patients first visit because they’re referred by their general practitioner, perhaps after a diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease, diverticulitis, or cancer. However, others may know that something’s wrong and schedule a consultation on their own. The most common signs that you should contact a colorectal surgeon are hemorrhoids or other pain or bleeding not well controlled by over-the-counter medicines, incontinence that’s frequent or severe enough to interfere with daily life, suspected hernias or other chronic abdominal pain, or simply for a regular colonoscopy.

What Are the Advantages of Robotic Surgery?

The most significant advantage of robot assistance for colorectal surgery is that it can provide doctors a 3D image of a patient’s colon using a two-camera stereo setup, rather than the 2D images returned by more traditional laparoscopic cameras. Furthermore, robotic arms’ precise movements can guarantee the most exact incisions and excisions, which should translate to less scar tissue, pain, and recovery time. Since robotic surgery is used for such a wide variety of procedures, and every case is unique, it’s difficult to say exactly how the technology can factor into your treatment, but what’s certain is that this powerful tool can help treat even the most complex cases.

What Can I Expect from a Robotic Surgery?

The most common colorectal surgeries performed with robotic assistance are the removal of malignant lesions, but the technology is also being used to treat diverticulitis and help with rectopexies. However, many other procedures may qualify for at least partial robotic assistance. Many patients are anesthetized during their procedure, and recovery time will vary widely between different types of operations.

Why Choose Dr. Nasseri?

Dr. Nasseri, one of the founders of the Surgery Group of LA, is likely the most experienced colorectal surgeon in Los Angeles. He is board certified in both general and colorectal surgery and has a keen interest in robotic and minimally-invasive technology. Contact the Surgery Group of LA today to learn more or schedule a consultation.