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objective review of Fx Trade 777

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For this review of, let me give you a little background on myself. I have been trading the Forex markets since the early 2000’s. I have had some successes and failures, but with each passing year I have learned more and more.


Let me tell you about the fact that Fx Trade 777 offers multiple trading platform options. This is a huge benefit as some platforms are not as good as others. My personal preference is Meta trader 4 platform which is offered by FxTrade777. For those not familiar with Meta trader 4 platform, it has an extremely user-friendly interface. It’s mobile trading offer you access to the platform anytime from anywhere. The platform has advanced charting capabilities, this enables traders to trade and analyze the data of the markets quickly and simultaneously. You can also change the charting style to fit with your personal style and remove functions that you don’t like. Another benefit is that you can automate trades to fit your trading needs, and incorporates communication tools for brokers to post messages and communicate with their traders. This of coarse makes a traders life much easier not having to email back and forth with their broker. It also takes the worry out of security with it’s encrypted 129-bit key and concealment of the traders IP address. I guess with all these great features have the Meta trader 4 platform as an option is one of the reasons I like Fx Trade 777.

Another great reason is the training options provided. It provides amazing tutorials ranging from technical indicators to market analyst. Not many brokers put enough thought into training. Training is an ongoing process. Without continuous training, traders get complacent and that is were both mistakes and loses come in to play. Having tutorials is a great to start your training regiment and can even benefit new or experience traders. As an experience trader myself, I always take tutorials as refreshers. Always having a good handle on knowledge prevents loses, that’s my two cents anyway. The trading academy offered by FxTrade777 is comprehensive in the training offered. Providing technical analyst, fundamental analyst, news, and signals.

The trading tools offered are pretty sweet as well. It’s economic calendar is pretty nice to have to keep track of big economic news that can help or hurt your trades. It’s PIP calculator is nice to calculate your profits and loses. They also have a Fibonacci and pivot calculator for the more advanced traders, but for those newer traders out there I would recommend avoiding them.

With the Forex, CFDs, Indices, Stocks, and Commodities offered I would say this brokerage is well rounded and has many money producing options. As an experienced trader I can honestly say that I have had many experience with many brokers and this one is rather good. Others don’t offer different platform options, have very little in the way of training, and certainly don’t have any tools to help you on your trading journey. I hope the readers find this objective review helpful. Good luck.