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Millennials are Stressing more than ever

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When it comes to several reputation management agencies operating a small business can be difficult and when it comes to millennials, working in one is much more difficult than you think. When it comes to most millennials, they wake up in the morning, work at full speed, stress out, veg in front of Netflix, go to bed, shut off their brain and repeat this over and over. For millennials, this is their daily cycle of stress and is slowly causing damage to their health.

Anyone from your mother to a doctor will tell you that the amount of stress you are placing on your body and mind is way too much and will eventually effect your quality of life and health. According to the American Psychological Association, results have shown that stress levels are increasing in the US and are much more predominant in the younger generations. Since 2007, surveys have shown that money and work are the top two sources of stress for this generation. It is becoming harder than ever for millennials to cope with their stress and they are among the highest reported stress levels since Gen Xers coming in close to third. The scale for millennials is at 6.0/10.0 which is the highest stress level.

Ways that Millennials Cope with Stress

Every health professional will tell you to deal with stress by exercising and following a good diet, which can help you through cycles of stress and lead to a longer and healthier life. When it comes to the average millennial, their coping mechanisms are different and these include 57 percent will listen to music when stressed, 48 percent will go online, 37 percent will eat when stressed and 27 percent of millennials will play video games. Also, 1 in 4 millennials feel as if they are not doing enough to manage their stress compared to other generations. Young people are stressing more and more and the current stress management coping skills are leading to a sedentary lifestyle and ultimately long-term health problems and that is the reality of it. For millennials who are heading to the couch to simply watch Netflix and eat chips, you should find other ways to cope with stress that are more productive and much healthier.