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Migraine and its effect on your health

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Specific changes made in the brain causes a migraine headache. A headache may be due to the exposure to light, smell or any other particular thing. Along with the head pain a few more symptoms can be seen in a migraine such as nausea, eye pain, and vomiting. Another common symptom is a pain on one side of the head usually described as pounding. Many people sometimes confuse other headaches as a migraine, but all the headaches are not a migraine. The type of headaches such as sinus pain can also lead to an Intense headache, but it is not a migraine.

The real cause of a migraine is not yet known, but there are many factors which can be triggered such as hormonal misbalance, stress, certain kind of food which may not suit your health and may lead to a migraine, strong stimuli such as loud noise can also be a contributing factor in causing a headache.

Medication and cure for a migraine

The quick cure for a migraine can be acupressure. Acupressure is the process of applying pressure on certain body parts which can help in curing the pain of the body. It can cure pain and relieve you from other symptoms as well. Acupressure can be an alternative to medication; it can heal a headache more quickly and help to get rid of a migraine associated nausea. Due to the daily rush and tasks, the sexual life of people is also affected. For improving your sexual life, you can buy viagra.

Yoga can also be done in order to get rid of a migraine. Yoga helps in proper breathing and meditation. Yoga helps in relieving the intensity of a migraine. It also helps to improve anxiety and stress. Tension can also be released with the help yoga; a migraine affected area can be triggered with it. Vascular health can also be improved along with it.