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How to House-hunt with Kids at Model Homes Ottawa

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You think it’s a good idea to leave the kids at home when house-hunting. It makes the process go faster without them in tow. And it’s less disruptive to their lives if they don’t think about a move even before you’ve settled on a purchase.

But when you do announce that you’ve bought a new and better place and are moving to it, they start crying and carrying on. Look at it from their point of view. You’re suddenly pulling them away from their friends and neighbors, and maybe from the only place they’re only ever known. They don’t know what’s coming and fear the uncertainty.

You can avoid this stress on your kids with a bit of pre-planning: Take them on the house-hunt as you can. Except don’t call it that. Instead, tell them you’re visiting Model Homes Ottawa for fun and to get some decorating ideas. They’ll then welcome the chance to enjoy an entertaining new activity with you.

As soon as you drive into the development, ask them what they think of it. Encourage them to spot any areas that they like, such as parks, playgrounds, or water features. Once you pull into a group of model homes, have each kid point one that they consider a favorite and to remember it. To build anticipation, ask them if they want to go inside.

Save entering the model that they’ve chosen for last and go inside the other ones first. Ask your children how they like the colors, the designs, the furniture, and the overall look. Encourage them to express both good and bad points. When you get to the kid’s rooms, ask them how they’d feel if their rooms looked like the one they’re seeing. You can encourage them to sit in the chairs and lay on the beds if they’re not messy or too rambunctious.

When you finally enter the home that your kids picked, the first question to ask is if the inside of the model match what they expected from the outside. You can then ask them the same questions that you asked inside the other homes, with one addition. Tell them to compare this favorite model of theirs with the others that they saw. Does this remain their best or do they prefer another?

Doing this activity over a period gradually introduces your children to house hunting. Eventually, one of the questions you can ask is how they feel if the model they’re looking at was their actual home. Their answers help you gauge how ready they are for a move. When you do decide to pick one of the offerings at Model Homes Ottawa, your kids will not only be used to it but may be enthusiastic participants in helping you choose.