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German External Data Protection Officer

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The law in Germany demands the appointment of an Externer Datenschutzbeauftragter for organizations with more than 9 employees. This job can be assumed by an employee, who must be correspondingly prepared and get proceeding with instruction and in addition, be exempted from his/her genuine employment obligations to perform information security undertakings.

Due to this overheads, the selection of a legally and technically talented expert as external data protection officer is desirable for the vast majority of business organizations and locations of international businesses in Germany. DGD, a reputed entity in the Germany supports companies with practicable data protection solutions and provides external Data Protection Officers to meet the data protection requirements in Germany.

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Duties of an External Data Protection Officer

  • The external data protection officer from DGD ensures that the legal data protection requirements are fulfilled in your company. These tasks include, for instance, (1) in matters of data protection, (2) the training of employees and (3) regular supervision of the technical and organizational implementation of data protection within the company.
  • The external data protection officer is the only person to contact for employees of the organizations and other parties involved. According to the need, DGD external data protection officers also offer services such as (1) conducting the preliminary inspection, (2) managing the procedures directory, (3) creating the data protection policy and (4) reviewing it annually to ensure it is up-to-date.

Costs of an External Data Protection Officer

The DGD external DPO officers closely work together with the employees in your organization. The expense is very much dependent on the division of labour; between the contact people in the company and the data protection officer.

Why an external Data Protection Officer

Most business organizations prefer to employ an external Data Protection Officer for reasons of employee participation, liability, qualifications, termination, and costs.