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Some General Information Regarding Intake Of Anadrol

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Anadrol is one of the strongest anabolic steroid consumed by the bodybuilders due to its ability to gain wide mass. It can be consumed both in form of tablets, in the form of liquid Anadrol suspension as well as injections. It is taken by the athletics or body builders at the start of the cycle. Athletics especially weight lifters usually consume it before any power lifting competition.

Pros of taking Anadrol

The common advantages of in taking Anadrol are explained below.

  • It helps in growth of muscles and strength in minimum possible time. It helps in improving the stamina, power output and even recovery time. A individual can gain almost 20-30lbs within 4-5 weeks’ time.
  • It is basically an androgen hormone that works by increasing the amount of production of the erythropoietin which is a chemical present in the human body that increases the amount of production of red blood cells.

Conditions that should be checked beforehand

The few conditions which using Anadrol should be avoided are as follows.

  • It should be avoided if the consumer is allergic to any specific ingredient of the Anadrol.
  • It is better to avoid if you are pregnant or have any possibility of being so.
  • It should not be taken if you have any issues in the kidney or any kind of complexities in the liver.
  • It is completely prohibited to intake Anadrol if the person is suffering from cancer especially of breast or prostrate.
  • It should be avoided if you are breast feeding.
  • The doctor should be given a complete picture of the consumer’s medical history, the medicines that the person is taking in present if any, whether he is allergic to any medication and every other minute detail before prescribing this steroid.
  • It is better to get in touch with the doctor immediately if you notice any kind of abnormal behavior.

Side effects of consuming Anadrol

Anadrol being a very strong anabolic steroid is bound to have numerous side effects. The common ones are explained below.

  • Since it can increase a large amount of weight in minimum possible time, most of the weight is liquid weight. It is a non-aromatizing steroid and contains DHT compound that is highly estrogenic.
  • Occasionally it gives rise to abnormal skin sensation such as baldness, anxiety, acne, general body discomfort, headache and even changes in sexual desire.
  • Some of the severe effects include tightness in chest, growth in the breast, swelling of the face mouth and several others.