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Event Marketing: Catered Events

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For the GWC USA Inc Organization, one of their major events that they hold are the product launches when they come up with a new sustainable valve for their company. When you are thinking of where to hold your event, one thing to consider is the food and beverages since these are important aspects of any event and that’s why most companies will hire a catering company. When you are having a catered event, conducting a site inspection is crucial so you can see what you need and what you don’t need, choosing a menu with items that appeal to your target market and target demographic is also important. You need to actually think of the age and gender attending, profession and ethnic background of each attendee along with the purpose of the event. It is important to have custom menus and carefully looking into the skill level, product availability and to stay on top of the latest food trends.

There are many different types of functions including have a continental breakfast, a full served breakfast, breakfast buffet, refreshment breaks, a brunch or a buffet lunch for any event that you host but the most common is a refreshment break. Figuring out whether or not you want a box lunch, full served lunch, receptions, dinner buffets, a full served dinner, or a theme party therefore themed food is also important to ensure your guests are having a great time. The style of service is always thought of before putting on any event meaning if you want to have a buffet, attended buffet/cafeteria, plated buffet, action stations, combination buffet or simply a reception.

Other options include family style, plated, preset, butlered, Russian service, banquet French, cart French, hand service, waiter parade, the wave or mixed styles. The menus are a whole other decision since there can be seasonal food, ethnic foods, high quality ingredients, fresh ingredients, new/unusual ingredients, safe foods, creative presentations and so on. Planning an event revolves around the food and beverages that will be served and of course the venue of the event.