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Can Steroid Use Result in Weight Gain?

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Many steroid users often are concerned about weight gain as a side effect after consuming steroids. Unfortunately, it is true and let us try to understand why this happens? People take steroids due to different reasons. Some may be interested in improving their performance, some may like to increase their muscle mass while many of them use it as a medicine to treat problems like arthritis etc. Steroids can be very useful for short term consumption, but for long term usage, it can produce few dangerous side effects.

Can steroids increase your weight?

Is it true that steroid consumption leads to obesity? We have heard enough that anabolic androgenic steroids can help us to increase our muscle gain, but can they also build up fat mass?

In the longer run, steroids may affect your metabolism and thus fat may get deposited in your body. Finally, lots of fat gets accumulated in your abdomen area and also on your neck and face too. Therefore, whether you like it or not, excessive use of steroids may lead to weight gain.

How steroid can increase your weight?

During bulking cycle when bodybuilders take steroids then they will appear to be much bigger, bloated and puffy. During cutting cycle these symptoms can be prevented by taking cutting steroids. Steroids can result in weight gain due to several reasons. One of the main reasons of weight gain is that your appetite will increase after taking steroids. As you eat more your calorie intake will rise on daily basis as compared to your normal diet routine and as a result you may end up gaining weight. Certain steroids like Prednisone can cause temporary weight gain too.

Another reason for weight gain is due to retention of fluid particularly in the abdomen area. If your body holds fluid then it will result in weight gain.  

Can you prevent weight gain?

We have learnt that steroids can result in weight gain, but can we prevent this from happening? You therefore need to watch carefully what you eat during steroid cycle. Make sure to avoid high calorie foods. Due to increase in appetite your desire to take junk food will also increase. You must rather take small amount of food and take more water or other fluids. Make proper planning about foods so that you can avoid getting tempted to take wrong type of foods.