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5 Steps To Take After Your Pet Is Diagnosed With Cancer

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Facing a cancer diagnosis is a stressful experience for many people. Similarly, most pet owners feel helpless once their animals fall ill; however, caring for pets diagnosed with cancer is vital and noble

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Here are five steps you need to know if your pet is diagnosed with cancer and how to handle it.

Accept that Pet Cancer is real

As pets age, their immunity reduces making them susceptible to diseases such as cancer. Statistics from the Veterinary Cancer Society indicate that cancer kills 47% of dogs over ten years and over 30% of cats. There are over 100 types of dog cancers, the most common being mammary gland cancer. On the other hand, there are few cat cancers the most prominent ones being lymphoma and leukemia.

Veterinarians recommend pet owners to join support groups having other animal lovers. It helps in reducing their fear and owners manage a variety of such online groups.

 Learn About the Cancer

Various types of pet cancers have different traits. Some of them can spread to other body parts that are far from the disease’s original site. Cancer cells are capable of entering an animal’s blood and lymph vessels hence spreading to other organs. Once it has covered, physicians refer to it as metastasis.

Familiarize Yourself with Different Treatment Options

There are different cancer treatments available including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. Some cancers require a single treatment while others need a combination of several medications. Your veterinarian may ask you to enroll the animal in a clinical trial test new therapies. The trials help them to learn more about your pet’s ideal treatment option.

Visit a Veterinary Oncologist

Once an animal has a long-term illness, you might be knowledgeable on caring for pets diagnosed with cancer. Therefore, it would be wise to consult a certified veterinary oncologist. They will select a suitable treatment for your companion animal.

Learn Various Terminologies

Usually, when oncologists are explaining various health conditions, they use specific medical terms. Learning the terminologies will help you to understand your pet’s health state. Moreover, you can come along with a notebook to record various treatment options. Also, you should read about different types of pet cancer tests such as blood tests, ultrasound, bone marrow aspirate and endoscopy. Mostly, metastasized tumors are incurable.

Cancer treatment is not only sensitive but also expensive. However, you should be financially committed to caring for pets diagnosed with cancer. Also, you should maintain your routine to avoid frightening the pet. The Advanced Animal Care of Colorado and DOG TALES Activity Centre offers quality pet care services including Acupuncture, Alternative Medicine, and Doggie Daycare. Visit our office for further consultation.